How healthy is Sushi?

How healthy is Sushi?

We’ve been asked occasionally, just how healthy is sushi?

Well, we’re a little bit biased of course, but we reckon it makes a great healthy lunch option! It can provide a great source of protein as well as Omega 3 fatty acids and Iodine (great brain boosters) plus essential vitamins and nutrients like Selenium, Vitamins A and D and Calcium and Magnesium. You could say it’s an all-round all-star lunch option – pretty much all the major food groups can be satisfied in one simple handroll!

Of course, not all sushi is created equal….if you’re watching calories and fat grams, you’d probably avoid tempura and other fried fillings, as well as the mayo-heavy and pan-fried or sugary/glazed options. The rice might be a problem for carb counters, but if it’s good sushi (like ours!), the fillings will be more generous than the rice – make sure you eyeball thoroughly before buying! And choosing brown rice improves the level of healthy soluble fibre and won’t spike your blood sugar as much.

Our recommendation: if you have dietary restrictions or concerns keep it simple – opt for plain or ‘clean’ natural fillings, vegetables and brown rice. Avoid fried, over-processed and over-dressed options. Stick with the classics like Teriyaki Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Tuna and Prawn and you won’t go wrong.

All the sushi options we offer on the Sushi@Work menu are biased towards the healthy choices, and we’re happy to cater to any specific dietary concerns – vegans, gluten-free and dairy-free, you’re covered!


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