How to choose the best sushi

How to choose the best sushi

To choose the best sushi there are a few rules of thumb that you can follow to ensure you enjoy your sushi experience. You can choose sushi can be rolled with rice paper or seaweed and have lovely additions like fish, vegetables, chicken, tofu and egg combinations.

Top 5 tips in choosing sushi are:
1. Rice shouldn’t be freezing cold. Check the food handling and storage includes temperature controls.
2. Fresh fish doesn’t smell. If the fish does smell too “fishy” (beyond its natural smell) it’s not 100% fresh.
3. Good quality seaweed or rice paper isn’t too soggy.
4. Avoid sushi that’s drenched in soy sauce. Taste it first, sans the soy.
5. Colour. If it’s vibrant it doesn’t mean it’s fresh. Watch out for food colouring that’s unusually bright.

Remember to check the credentials of the sushi makers.
– Do they have extensive training in sushi making?
Are they aware of the different variations in raw fish?
– Is the kitchen they keep highly hygienic?


The art-form of making sushi originates from Japan. They are meticulous in making a beautiful food and equally as meticulous in ensuring it’s of the highest quality. Sushi mainly consists of rolls or balls coupled with rice.  Sushi At Work has a dedicated team of qualified chefs who have handled sushi for many years. They keep a professional high grade kitchen and pick the freshest in ingredients. To find out more click here.



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