Mini Rice Paper Roll Platter

Priced $59.00 per platter.

The perfect entertainer platter – 30 individually rolled cocktail-size Rice Paper Rolls in 3 flavours: Chicken, Prawn and Vegetable. Need a vegan option? Just ask for an all-veggie Mini Rice Paper Rolls Platter. Serves 4-6 people.

30 pieces, 3 flavours –

10 Chicken – cooked chicken, carrot, cucumber, lettuce

10 Vegetable – carrot, cucumber, lettuce, fried tofu

10 Prawn – cooked prawn, carrot, cucumber, lettuce


Ask about all-Vegetarian and Vegan options for this platter in the ‘Special Instructions’ section below.

Extra Sweet Chilli Sauce – select from the following options in our ‘Extras’ menu:

Small 185ml $3.50

Large 350ml $4.50


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