Sushi Handrolls

Priced $3.00 – $3.50 for each handroll, soy sauce included.

Choose from our 11 delicious sushi hand roll flavours catering for everyone’s tastes:

Teriyaki Chicken – A universal best seller, our Teriyaki Chicken Hand Roll is filled with tender Teriyaki-marinated chicken pieces and sliced cucumber. (GF DF EF)

Crispy Chicken –Who can resist a fried chicken delight that is the Crispy Chicken Hand Roll? Tender pieces of chicken rolled in breadcrumb and fried to perfection – the fresh cucumber and lettuce just adds to the enjoyment! (DF)

Tuna – Cooked, flaked tuna pieces mixed with mayonnaise, and slices of fresh cucumber – our Tuna Hand Roll is a filling and delicious bite for lunch. (GF DF)

Tuna & Avocado – Choice cooked tuna blended with mayonnaise and teamed with fresh delicious avocado slices – the Tuna & Avocado Hand Roll is a simple but winning combination. (GF DF)

Spicy Tuna – For those that like it with bite, the Spicy Tuna Hand Roll is a fishy winner – cooked tuna pieces, mayonnaise and cucumber with a hint of chilli. (GF DF)

Avocado – Simple and smooth, our Avocado Hand Roll is just that, a single minded a delicious Nori handroll generously filled with fresh avocado slices. (V GF DF EF)

Vegetable – A veggie lovers delight, our Vegetable Hand Roll is perfect for Vegans too with fried tofu and fresh crisp veggies – cucumber, carrot, lettuce and pickled radish. (V GF DF EF)

California – A delicate mix of cooked fish and shellfish blended with mayonnaise and the addition of fresh cucumber, makes our California Hand Roll a delicious seafood choice for lunchtime. (DF)

Smoked Salmon – The perennial favourite, our Smoked Salmon Hand Roll uses the freshest most succulent pieces of fresh Atlantic Salmon, delicately smoked – a delicious and mouthwatering sushi handroll choice for lunch. (GF DF EF)

Prawn – Perfectly cooked, generous pieces of the freshest prawns on the market, with cucumber and mayonnaise – our Prawn Hand Roll is delicious shellfish Sushi option. (GF DF)

Spicy Prawn – With a hint of chilli our Spicy Prawn Hand Roll warms things up a little – freshly cooked succulent prawn pieces with cucumber and mayonnaise, and a sprinkle of chilli powder. (GF DF)

Choose your rice preference – brown rice 50 cents extra per roll.

NB: An even quantity of each chosen flavour is required.


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