Serving and Storage

All Sushi@Work sushi products are freshly prepared on the morning of delivery. They are delivered via temperature-controlled vehicles and are intended for consumption on the same day.

Sushi should be stored in a refrigerated environment (below 5 degrees), but is best enjoyed at room temperature – we recommend taking the sushi out of refrigeration for 15 minutes prior to serving for best results.

Our sushi rice ph is carefully monitored each day, which means it can be stored at up to 15 degrees for a maximum of 12 hours but should be discarded after this time.

When refrigerated our sushi products will keep for 36 hours from the time of preparation, however we recommend that all sushi products are eaten for lunch on the day of delivery. If any unused product is kept it should be covered in an air-tight plastic wrap and placed in air-tight sealed containers in refrigeration to minimise the chance of spoilage.