The Best Fish on Market

The Best Fish on Market

Finding the best delicious fish for sushi is more than meets the eye. There are many different types of fish that can be used in making great sushi. As sushi fish can be raw or pre-treated (cooked and free of parasites). There are specific kinds of fish that can be chosen which are safe to eat.

Here is a list of the best kinds of fish that are excellent for making sushi:
– Tuna. Did you know there’s loads of varieties of tuna? There’s white tuna, bluefish, yellowfin, and skipjack to name a few. It’s the cornerstone of sushi, but there are many kinds of tuna that are truly amazing.
– Salmon. One of the most versatile fish on the market as it’s perfect for salads, starters and main meals, which is why sushi makers incorporate it in their creations.
– Flounder (hirame). One of the more unknown fish with a light flavour.
– Crab. Cooked before being shredded into a California rolls is a personal favourite!
– Snapper. Cooked, snapper is a wonderful addition to sushi.

For any fish used in sushi, it must be what’s called “sushi grade”. This means that to be the best fish to use in sushi, the fish (like salmon) must be parasite-free and be stored correctly so that it can be eaten raw.

The team at Sushi At Work treat and manage fish very carefully to ensure our fish are of sushi grade. Find out more about how we manage our food handling here.

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